Belgian Worldwide Music Night: Meet the artists!

On Monday 23 May, from 6.30 p.m. onwards, we will be at the AB Club to discover the best of Belgian world music. A little sound to get you excited!

18.30 / 20.30 / 21.30 – XOGN

XOGN musical culture swings somewhere between Brussels and Dakar. Dj-selector/party organizer/record dealer, he spent 10 years in Senegal. He run a music store, organized a monthly party and had radio shows there. Step by step, African music has become a real passion. Back in Belgium, he specialized in records sale, being dj regularly for African and Tropical parties. And he really enjoy mixing at Kiosk Radio every month!

19.00 – Mamaliga Orkestar

Captured by the depth and intensity of gypsy culture, especially through music, when they meet, Lise and Silvia recognize each other as the right accomplice to go and see on the spot, and they leave together for the deepest gypsy land. In very different circumstances, but which have led to a result that may seem similar, they reciprocally find a Gypsy husband, whom they each keep on their side for several years.

Aurélie got involved in this funfair in 2013. First during a trip to Romania which made her meet the Gypsies of Transylvania and their music, then in the meeting with Silvia, and the consequent creation of the duo Odessalavie, and finally crossing Lise during the hottest summer Of the history .

In 2019 Dorothée Pietquin and Clem Thomas happily join the adventure, with their musical journeys not having too much to do with the subject, but very rich and relevant to the heterodoxy of the intention of the project.

The creation of the “Mamaliga Orkestar” project is the result of their respective and common experience, through the Roma world that they carry in their own way in their not so old and worthy skin.

2021 is punctuated by the phantasmagorical preparation and release of their first album (with the homerecords label, November 26, 2021)

Since January 2022 the group has entered the catalog of “Chouette asbl”. For the rest, only love, glory and beauty, and extragalactic tours

19.30 / 20.30 / 22.30 – La Dame

French Alps born and now based in Brussels, Dj and producer La Dame explores music with insatiable enthusiasm and curiosity, spreading her unique energy and her love for different cultures on the dance floor. Celebrated Dj for her eclectic proposals, as a producer she released EP’s, remixes and tracks for labels like Blanc Manioc, Wonderwheel Recordings and Heavenly Sweetness (among others). La Dame is also a resident of the infamous Kiosk Radio in Belgium, and hosts a monthly show dedicated to Brazilian music on Radio Meuh in France.

Formally known as dj Carie, she changed her name when in 2018, when she started producing music. La Dame is very prolific. Her originality is to succeed in combining different styles of music, just like in her mixes. Her cross-over style travels between Uk bass, Kuduro, Deep Dubstep, Halftime, DnB, Club music…Her latest track ‘Mordido’ (Blanc Manioc) released on 11 March 22, a collaboration with percussionist Cyril Atef (Congorock, Bumcello), illustrates the energy she can send out on the dancefloor. She collaborated with musicians like David Walters, Deheb, Florian Pelissier, remixed Miguel Ballumbrosio, Yeahman, Malz, Mbkong, etc.

La Dame describes herself as a “lusolover” (enthusiast of cultures that speak Portuguese) since she lived in Brazil and Portugal. In 2018, she started a radio show dedicated to Brazilian music on the Alpine radio station Radio Meuh. This show is called Hotmosphere, in dedication to an album of the percussionist Dom Um Romão. There are actually more than 40 shows online: from bossa nova to jazz, to rap and MPB, to trap & sambass… She invited well-known selectors like dj Tahira, Batukizer, Palo Santo Disco & Coco Maria, dj Flavya, Dr Drumah, etc.

20.00 – Constanza Guzman

Constanza Guzman is a Chilean-born singer-songwriter living in Belgium. She studied singing at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel and in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Cuba.

Born into a family of intellectuals and artists, music and politics have always been present in her childhood. And it was by meeting cantautores, Latin American singer-songwriters, that Constanza began to write her own songs in Spanish and Portuguese and to record albums.

She has performed on various national and international stages (ChilEuropa Jazz Festival in Chile, La Habana Festival in Cuba, Leuven Jazz, Muziekpublique, etc.) and has collaborated with many artists from the world and jazz scene (Guillermo García de Quilapayún, Pierre Van Dormael, Jean-François Prins, Orion Morales, Tuur Florizoone, …)

His last album “Melodías del Instante” was released on the Gam Music label in 2022.

21.00 – Hands in Motion

Darbuka, gongs, berimbaus, kalimbas, pandeiro, riqq, doholla, bendirs, udu,… These are just some of the instruments that make up the sound universe of Hands in Motion. This percussion trio brings together musicians Simon Leleux (Fabrizio Cassol / I Silenti, Refugees for Refugees), Robbe Kieckens (Lamekan Ensemble, Myrdinn De Cauter), Célestin Massot who create a sound universe that does not knows any limits.

From Senegal to Eastern Europe, from Brazil to India, from the classical conservatory to nomadic people, it is nourished by all their influences that Hands in Motion juggles with the codes of tradition to create a new space of expression, resolutely current and innovative.

Minimalist sound layers, captivating grooves, acoustic trance, their music is organic, contrasting, deep and subtle at the same time. They alternately create melodies and textures that might as well make you think of Philip Glass, Mammal Hands or Why the Eye?. The atmospheres they create invite movement and sharing.

22.00 – M.Chuzi

World-wize afro groove sauce from Brussels

Groove machine M.CHUZI (BXL) makes worldwise sauce based on melting pot à la bruxelloise. A spicy mix of afro grooves, funk, world jazz and the spacy soundscape of a metropole. M.CHUZI smothers every stage with catchy musical experiment in an authentic fashion.

Drummer Jan Heirman and Bass Man Niels d’Haegheleer form a basis, sauce chefs Basile Bourtembourg (keys), Gil Duarte Da Cruz (guitar) and Band Man Thomas De Vries (guitar) flavour the whole and the ultimate touch is delivered by a horn section with Mattéo Badet (tenor saxophone), Robbe Latré (trumpet & Flügelhorn) and Martin Lissoir (baritone saxophone). With members from Azmari, Okkupeerder and NAFT.

In 2019, M.CHUZI won the Soundtrack contest. Since then, they are unstoppable. Their first album PAPARA will be released on Sdban Records in November 2022.

An evening made possible by the support of GC De Markten, Ancienne Belgique, Sabam For Culture, Playright+, VI.BE, Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques, Conseil de la Musique and the Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation