Belgian World Music Network Meeting (online) & Night (cancelled)

We had a dream … to meet again in a festive mood and through interesting discussions during our annual sector meeting in the Palace, combined with a few showcase concerts in the cosy AB Club. But reality got the better of us and the actual circumstances forced us to rethink the whole event.

The past few weeks we have been working hard to present a valuable coronaproof program, but this work behind the scenes proved to be somewhat in vain. After the first tightening of the measures in Brussels, we consulted our partners AB and Palace to turn our sector meeting and showcase night into a livestream event. But due to the announcement of even stricter measures, we are sad to let you know that despite our intense preparations the online presentation of the showcases will not be taking place. We specifically want to thank the teams of the AB and Palace for their valuable support and assistance and we also want to wish them courage and persistence in these uncertain times.

Support your local scene #playlocal #buylocal

Also the artists were eager to share their musical adventures with you during the showcase night. Even if the night has to be cancelled, we still want to put them in the center of your attention. Check them out!

Cheb Runner

DJ SaHra

Kolonel Djafaar

Las Lloronas


Refugees for refugees

World Music…what’s in a name?

There are dark months ahead of our sector, but we stand strong. Now is not the time to stand still and stay put. That’s why we redirect our energy towards an online session (similar to the webinars of mai 19th) on a ‘hot topic’ (no not corona) but ‘World music ..what’s in a name?’.

Speakers from various backgrounds will share their opinions and visions on what the label world music means to or represents for them. What does the term evoke and what are (if necessary) the alternatives. Via short pitches the participants will try to present a broad perspective on the word ‘world music’ from different points of view and frame of reference (historical, international, economical, decolonisation, artistic….). This session is meant as a starting point for a deeper and more intense debate on the theme in 2021.

Badi (artist)
Rokia Bamba (artist)
Mohamed Ikoubaan (Moussem)
Mehdi Maréchal (Darna)
Hélène Sechehaye (Musicologist, ICTM Belgium)
Dirk Van der Speeten (‘t Ey, Flanders Folk Network)
Balasz Weyer (Hangveto, Music Hungary)

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Monday november 9th | 2 pm | Zoom

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