Belgian Worldwide Music Awards 2024

This year, we are organising the first Belgian Worldwide Music Awards.
The members of the jury are :

  • Michaël Robberechts (Radio 1)
  • Morgane Mathieu (Festival d’Art Huy)
  • Irene Rossi (Ancienne Belgique)
  • Michel Goedart (Radio Campus)

They selected 3 nominees per category and also chose the final winner. On 22 January, at the AB Club, you’ll find out who will walk away with which prize! Find out more about the categories and nominees below.

CATEGORY 1: Outstanding live performance
What was your favourite live band of the year?

  • Kosmo Sound
  • Las Lloronas

CATEGORY 2: Emerging talent
Who was the revelation or innovator this year?

  • Gaïsha
  • Peixe e Limão
  • Turkish Kebap

CATEGORY 3: Career
Who has built a remarkable career, contributing to the image of the sector?

  • Didier Mélon
  • Ghalia Benali
  • Tony Van der Eecken

CATEGORY 4: Best press/promotion initiative
Which website, promotional event, action or media has made a significant contribution to promoting and raising the profile of the sector this year?

  • Le Projet Melchior
  • Radio Mukambo
  • VI.BE

CATEGORY 5: Best Album
You decide who wins Album of the Year. The jury has selected 4 albums and, from 8 January, you can vote for your favourite. Keep an eye on our social networks and website, and don’t forget to vote!

  • 3’Ain, Sea of Stories
  • Bai Kamara Jr & The Voodoo Sniffers, Traveling Medicine Man
  • farfar, Calima
  • Nisia Trio, Li Pedi